About Anahid Minatsaghanian

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Born into a family of art enthusiasts, I began taking traditional oil painting lessons at a young age through the inspiration of my first mentor, my frather. In college, I studied advertising art and worked with several design companies—nevertheless, my love for painting stayed strong. In recent years, I began to transform my painting style, combining my love of nature and its vibrant colors with a more contemporary, abstract approach. The freedom and depth that came with experimenting with different colors, textures, and their effects created a renewed energy and passion in my mind, which is shown in my work today.

In 2014-15, one of my artworks, Fall in Arroyo, was selected by jury to be on display at Pasadena Museum of History for the Contemporary Masters Artistic Eden IV.

Artist Statement

The journey begins as soon as the paint touches the canvas. Nature and colors have a powerful influence in my paintings, and while I draw inspiration from the beauty of everyday scenery, I paint without a set idea in my head. Instead, I just let the vibrant colors flow, layer upon layer, harmonizing and telling their own story on the canvas. I love what I do; the completion of each piece brings with it a new insight, a sense of peace and sheer satisfaction.


2013 – Pasadena Society of Artists member (pasadenasocietyofartists.org)